über Gemeinschaft.

Habe derzeit das dringende Bedürfnis, ständig den Naked Pastor zu zitieren. Und mache es!

„They are serious questions because when one of the members of the community begins to legitimately question any of those vtb-s, is that person disqualified from the community? Or is she allowed to question, search, doubt, and even change her mind? Can she disagree and still remain loved by her community and still love that community? Can a person who initially joined the community because of its beliefs gradually come to a place where he questions some of those beliefs and remain in the community if he chooses?“

„I’m recognized as the primary teacher in our community and am counted upon week to week to deliver a talk. However, I’ve started to relax that expectation a bit by opening up the teaching time as a discussion opportunity. Even though I do have an opinion (and that can’t be helped), I hope I communicate that I hold my opinion loosely. I do not hold a monopoly on truth. I do not want to open the floor to simple confirmations of what I am saying, but to real and genuine discussion as we earnestly explore truth and its implications together.

In fact, it isn’t enough for me to declare a truth statement and have it supported or challenged, affirmed or denied in a community setting. The members of the community must truly know that they have the complete freedom to search for truth and discover it for themselves. And even when we do “discover” it, we again hold this discovery loosely because we know it isn’t the end statement, the conclusion, the final assertion to annihilate all other assertions.“

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